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Our Roots

CoverUp Surf is designed by surfers in the North East to withstand the austere weather of our coastline and the adventures we go on. We started in 2009 from a need to try and make those cold winter car park changes a little more bearable! Every surfer knows the pain of getting changed in the cold and rain after a long surf so we got to work and started to develop our designs. We started selling in our local surf shop, producing all our products on our old singer sewing machine in our little beach house on a cold windy clifftop in the North East. We still produce some of our product in our studio here, sewn by hand, although we partnered with an independent manufacturer in China to produce our changing towels as our brand grew. The factory we use is run by our friend Zoe. Zoe ensures each changing towel is top notch, she puts just as much care into making our products as we do! Over time we have carefully developed, tested and re-designed our product to get to where we are now. Our changing towels are unique and made in small batches of different patterns. Each CoverUp is made from thick microfibre towelling which has been brushed to make it super soft. It has a thick, oversized drawstring hood, a large pocket and long sleeves. 

We are inspired by the many uses our adventurers find for their Coverup’s, from changing after sea swimming to keeping warm after a cold surf on the river Eisbach in Munich. Changing on the beaches in Hawaii after surfing to desert adventures in Egypt and changing after muddy bike escapades.

Our mission is to inspire others to get out and find that next adventure. We believe adventure is a necessity for life, not a luxury!

Our Roots: About
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